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Howrah City Life

A structural marvel, Howrah Bridge of immense heritage value is the face of Howrah city. Many of us living in different corners of India know the city only as a “Gateway to Kolkata” or by its bridge.
And if you have a Bong friend in your group, you might have heard that this twin city to Kolkata is beyond that with a strong socio-culture and historical moorings. However, living there and closely experiencing a Bengali lifestyle is what would leave you awestruck! Howrah, once regarded as the “Manchester of Bengal”, is an industrial city located on the bank of Hoogli River with over 500 years old history. Away from hustle and bustle of Kolkata city, it has managed to enjoy a special place in the hearts of many due to its rich history, local attractions, good educational institutions and easy connectivity to Kolkata. In addition to this, the people of Howrah are art lovers and cool headed in nature. The city offers you many reasons to smile, feel proud of and fall in love with it. And here’s why we think so –


Home to Noble Laureates:


Some of the well renowned personalities belonging to literature, art, sports and science fields have been the residents of Howrah. To name a few, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, Mani Shankar Mukherjee, Purnendu Patri, Mahendralal Sarkar, Suniti Kumar Chatterji, Narayan Debnath, Manoj Tiwari, Bikash Panji, and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay have been the notable residents of Howrah. One of the reasons of having many noble laureates is great educational institutions, culturally active communities and love of the people for art.


Important Transit point:


It is an important transit point for passengers, travellers and goods movement across the country. Not many of you might be aware that it is the terminus of the first Indian Railway system earlier known as East Indian Railway. The Howrah station building is one of the few lucking structures in India to witness the glory of completing 100 years.


Fascinating local attractions:


Some of the attractions here are architectural delights, while the others are perfect examples of natural beauty. The architecturally elegant attractions of the city include Belur Math, Howrah Railway station, Regional Rail Museum, Vidyasagar Setu and Howrah Bridge. It also boasts nature’s beauty in the form of Santragachi Jheel, Indian Botanical Garden and Garchumuk. Besides this, the city has preserved the historical account of how the lifestyle of people in Howrah was in ancient India, in Anand Niketan Kirtishala museum. All of these places are amazing sightseeing spots in Howrah.


City of Joy:


With rich history, the city has remarkable cultural and educational background. They love their culture and tradition, which is evident in almost everything of the city – be it street food or beautifully crafted accessory. The royalty in their culture, simplicity in their day today life, artistic approach towards things, love for sports and cheerful nature of the people make it a city of joy, just like its twin city Kolkata.




Howrah is well connected to Kolkata and other cities or districts. Thanks to its cool transport lifeline that includes trams, rickshaws, busses and metro station. The bridges connecting it to neighbouring cities also contribute in offering convenience to the people living here. Moreover, there are all the necessary lifestyle zones spread across the city to facilitate its residents. You can reach hospitals, malls, schools, colleges, railway station, and even the airport in less than 40-60 minutes.


In all, Howrah is truly an incredible destination to live. It is just the right place for a person looking for an affordable housing solution, while working in Kolkata or nearby cities. It has everything you can ask from a city for a better lifestyle. So, living in Howrah is as fascinating as experiencing joy can be!


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