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5 Furniture pieces for a millennial age with minimal space

Oct 01, 2019

5 Furniture pieces for a millennial age with minimal space
Doing up a small space for many uses can be challenging. But with a little ingenuity, you can achieve amazing results. Here’s how you can use multifunctional furniture to spruce up your home.

1) Sofa bed: A shape-shifter you need not be scared of
It’s a sofa when you are entertaining friends at a party, and it’s a bed when one of those friends just wants to crash at your place for the night. With hundreds of designs to choose from, the classic sofa-bed is a useful addition to any home.

2) Mirror wardrobe: Mirror, mirror on the wall, now opens the doors for all
Utilising every inch of available space, a mirror wardrobe not only helps you check how good you look, but stores away dressing items that won’t fit in your regular closet.

3) Showcase unit room divider: A visual treat that can divide a room into two separate areas
Especially useful if your home has an open-floor concept, a showcase unit can help create two distinct spaces for you. Decorate shelves with books, pictures and any other knick-knacks for a display that everyone will love.

4) Pop-up coffee table: Coffee, conversation and class in a single package
A pop-up coffee table lets you enjoy a meal or snack sitting on your favourite couch. Besides, it can also be used as any other table surface. Put a decorative vase on it, use it for your favourite reads, prop up your laptop on it while browsing – the possibilities are endless.

5) Bed storage unit: Sleep on it, store in it!
A regular, full-size bed that you can sleep on, and if you lift the mattress or slide out the sides, Presto! You have ample space to store anything that you want to. What’s not to like?

So, there you have it. These convenient pieces of furniture can be useful for any space – big or small. Take your picks and transform your home into a delightful haven.

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