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5 ideas to spruce up your house during monsoon

Aug 26, 2019

5 ideas to spruce up your house during monsoon
The tip tip barsa paani season is here and you are still lounging on your couch? Get up and use these quirky ideas to make your house as beautiful as the weather.

Eeny meeny miney mo, no more keeping umbrella on the floor
While the droplets of rain kissing your windowpanes are beautiful, you certainly wouldn’t want them inside your house. Indoor water trails have their own share of disadvantages. You can, thus, add a sleek umbrella holder near the main door. Colourful plastic buckets or even vases with intricate designs can be the way to go.

The flower power
There are thousand kinds of flowering plants in India. You can certainly use a few to add a dash of charm to your living space. Go take stock of old bottles, bowls, pots, vases in the house. Next, populate them with the flowers of your choice. There! The beauty of your house doubled.

Colour, colour, which colour
What better way to beat the gloomy greys than using the bright greens and yellows? Do away with all dark-coloured home accessories. Instead, you can adorn your abode with vivid colours. The easiest thing to do is change your bedsheets and cushion covers.

M for monsoon, M for music
You know what’s more beautiful than the cold monsoon breezes sweeping your face? It’s the soothing sound of the windchimes complemented by the soft pitter-patter of the rain. Embellish your balcony with these little musical accessories to create a pleasing atmosphere.

The Doormat game
Doormats become grubby during monsoon. Buying dark-coloured rubber or jute mats is the best bet in such a season. To render a funky look, you may even stitch up woollen pom poms on them.

Take note of all these quirky hacks to make your home monsoon-ready right away!

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