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Ideas to Create Your Own Home Office Space

Aug 20, 2020

Ideas to Create Your Own Home Office Space
Long before working from home became the new normal, many professionals were already working full, part time or partial weekends from home. Consequently, having a dedicated workspace was considered important, even desirable. Having a room or a little nook in your home which serves as your office or workspace enables you to focus better and thus be more efficient and productive. This dedicated workspace can range from a simple table and chair in a corner of the living room to a separate room or even a makeshift corner at the dining table. Here are some cool ideas to craft your own little space where you can bring your dreams to life:

Sofa Corner/Armchair/Beanbag
Everyone has their favourite seat in the house. This could be the corner of the sofa, a cozy bean bag or arm chair or even the window love seat. While one could argue that these seats are ideal for lazing with a book or cuppa, they could even double up as a cozy seat for working on that report or participating in that zoom meeting. In open plan coworking spaces professionals are usually found sprawled on a bean bag or sofa, hard at work. We could do the same at home with similar furniture.

Corner of Dining Table
Simply commandeer an unobtrusive corner of the dining or kitchen table as your own workspace. Except for meal times, the dining table is largely unused and thus offers the perfect space to park one’s laptop and notebook. Choose a corner that does not come in anyone’s way as they come in or out of the room or move around the table. As children many of us sat at the dining table to do homework. So why not as adults to do professional work? Moreover, this arrangement does not require you to purchase a separate table and chair or look for space to put this additional furniture. The dining table is a ready-to-use workspace.

Living Room Nook
Most living rooms offer some corner space where a table and chair will fit. If this space is near the window it would be perfect. Having a little corner workspace in the living room is also perfect when you need to work late or start early in the morning when the rest of the household is asleep. It is unobtrusive, semi-private and cozy. Moreover, the sofa is close by to sprawl for a little rest and so is the window to look out of when you need a mini-break or to breathe in some fresh air.

Closet Space or Alcoves
Many modern apartments come with a dedicated closet space in bedrooms. If it is not being used as a closet simply convert it into a functional office. The space is adequate for a simple table and chair. Adding in shelving will give you space for books, stationery, printer, etc. When not in use shut the door and your office disappears from view. Alternatively, other little alcoves and nooks provided in modern apartments can be similarly converted into a workspace.

Spare Room
Sometimes you could be lucky enough to have a whole spare room which is not in use. Such rooms are perfect candidates for being adapted into a home office. Plans for a home office like this can range from a simple table and chair to a big desk with chairs around it. Cabinets, shelving, paintings, photographs, framed certificates, potted plants and other kinds of room decor can be part of your elaborate plan for a home office. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the budding interior designer in you.

In addition to enabling you to work effectively, a dedicated workspace also provides you with a sense of professionalism in an otherwise casual setting. Designated as your own space, it provides you with comfortable privacy. Ultimately, whether it is a corner of the sofa or dining table, or your own wonderful home office, what matters is that the space enables you to do your best work and that it is comfortable.

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