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Self-Care Tips While Working From Home

Aug 20, 2020

Self-Care Tips While Working From Home
For many of us working from home was almost a privilege and a rare one, too. But, since the last few months, thanks to COVID-19’s social distancing protocols, it has become the norm. The initial few weeks of working from home might have been a welcome change from travelling in crowded public transport and braving the heat. Since then, however, we have missed our colleagues, the familiarity of a work routine, and even our daily transit. We are faced with fear, anxiety and uncertainty about the progression of the pandemic, job security, being locked down in our homes, and even loneliness for those of us living alone.

There is no quick solution to any of this. However, our health — of mind, body and spirit — is in our hands, and we can safeguard it in the following few ways:

Indulge in Hobbies
Reading, listening to music, playing board games, gardening, and watching movies or TV shows are some popular ways to relax. Hobbies engage our minds actively and help divert it from troubling thoughts and anxiety. They also sharpen our skills and broaden our minds. Hobbies are relaxing and boost positive energy. This time in lockdown might be the best opportunity to pick up that guitar lying in the corner, try that delicious cookie recipe you saw online or buy the succulent plant you always wanted. Try some of these with roommates or family members for more fun.

Meditation calms the mind, improves your breathing and energises your body. Most practitioners will attest to the healing powers of meditation. The best thing about this practice is that it can be done anywhere, any time and for as little as five minutes a day. The benefits, however, are manifold and instantaneous. Beginners can use the aid of the many meditation apps available. Over time you will see an improvement in your mental health, ability to concentrate, efficiency and productivity.

For those who find meditation a tad boring, yoga combines activity with conscious breathing and thus exercises your mind and body. Yoga is excellent for stretching those tired muscles after sitting for too long. Just roll out the yoga mat and perform a few reps of popular yoga asanas such as the lotus pose, surya namaskar, downward dog and plank among others. If you are a beginner, then use one of the many accredited yoga apps or online videos to help you get started and guide you. Yoga will improve your posture, strengthen your muscles and enable you to breathe better.

Some of us prefer physical activity to sitting in one place and breathing or exercising on a mat. If you are one of these people, then physical exercises are your cup of tea. Walking or jogging are one of the easiest ways to keep up your health and fitness. Your building compound is ideal for walking around, but ensure to maintain social distance. There are many freestyle and body weight exercises one can also do at home. Regular exercise not only improves your physical health but also your mental health. Notice the improvements in your ability to focus and your productivity.

Other Best Practices
Since we spend a lot of time seated while working, we need to be more conscious of our posture while sitting. Place a soft cushion at the small of your back for comfort. Sit straight with the back of your bottom touching the back of your chair and keep your shoulders straight. Periodically, get up, stretch and walk around. Similarly, give your eyes a break from screens — whether it is television, mobile devices or laptops. Look away from your screen periodically. Wear spectacles, zero power or prescription, with blue light protection lenses which safeguard your eyes from the harsh glare of screens.

To Conclude...
The feeling of being confined is one of the biggest concerns many of us are experiencing. It has been months since we have met friends and relatives in person. Even as things slowly reopen, it will be a while before we return to pre-COVID routines. Until then it is vital to maintain our mental, physical and spiritual health. This will boost our relationships, enhance our work productivity and generally lift our mood.

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