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Say it with Paintings: Define your home with works of art

Aug 30, 2019

Say it with Paintings: Define your home with works of art
“Oh wow!”


“I can’t take my eyes off it.”

Isn’t it delightful to hear your guests appreciate your home with such exuberance? One such way to arrest their attention while expressing yourself is paintings. The brushstrokes, the colours, the artists – all tell a tale about your persona and this is why, you must be discerning while choosing them. Here are some ideas that may help you choose the next painting for your home.

Go lavish, yet minimal
Lavish. Classy. Yet comfortable. You’d want your guests to feel all of this as they enter your home. In paintings, large pieces with soothing colours or tones do the job perfectly. They keep your space chic and exude a royal, yet subdued feel. Play it up!

A trick for every space
Wish to go exuberant, and double up the impact? Your dining room walls can be an excellent space. Consider hanging themed paintings with bold colours in pairs. In your bedroom, floral wall paintings in a play of rich and warm colours, can lend a restful aura.

For the love of Indian tradition
You know what’s more beautiful than the cold monsoon breezes sweeping your face? It’s the soothing sound of the windchimes complemented by the soft pitter-patter of the rain. Embellish your balcony with these little musical accessories to create a pleasing atmosphere.

The Doormat game
From Madhubani to Kalamkari, Patachitra to Kerala Murals – there is a wealth of richness for you to explore in Indian paintings. Bursting with colours and different styles of drawings, they are sure to define your love of Indian art to your guests.

Bring home the finest global art
Are you an art connoisseur? You don’t have to be ultra-rich and stand at an auction to buy over an original Vinci. There are many smaller but potential global artists waiting for your patronage. Better still, get your brush and easel and paint your original copy of the “Mona Lisa.” There's nothing like replicating the geniuses in style.

Your paintings are all about who you are. So, go ahead, choose with finesse.

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